The Santa Cruz British Motorcar Club has no elected officers, no dues and no politics. The club functions with four volunteer coordinators chosen each year from the membership to lead the club that year. These coordinators hold the annual meeting, maintain the membership list, e-mail event notices and e-mail a report on each event. The membership list is divided into three groups of names and each year one group is asked to select the four coordinators from their group, to serve for one year. In this way, members have the possibility of being called on to volunteer only once every three years.

Dues and Responsibilities:

Because there are no dues and no elected officers, each member is expected to be willing to volunteer as an event coordinator, assistant or substitute coordinator when called on . Anyone who plans a weekend club event also satisfies the requirement that members volunteer to help. Anyone who owns a classic British sports car and lives in the Santa Cruz Co, Santa Clara Co, San Benito Co, and Monterey area is invited to join. You can be placed on the membership e-mail list to learn of the activities. As long as you attend a few events each year and help out a little, your membership can stay active.

How to Join:

If you would like to visit the club for an event you are welcome to contact the club and advise us of your wish to attend an event. You will be advised you of the time, place and other needed details. We want to increase and build interest in the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of classic British sports cars and we would enjoy getting to know every British car owner in the area. You will be provided a membership application at the event.